Constance Wooldridge                                                 Soul-seeking Artist, Phenomenal Instructor, Mentor & Loving Mom

Teenage Students at Sienna Arts on Sat. am

(with visitor, Roy, by the door)

Apple Blossoms (Acrylic) by Constance, being hung by Muriel Flood and Nancy Hart

          at the Saint John Art Club Gallery,

3rd Fl., Brunswick Square,

Saint John, NB

Trinity Treasures Seniors Paintings Group

​​​​​​​​​ Art Courses, Workshops and Art Camps

Sienna Arts Studio

85 Summit Drive

Saint John, NB

E2J 3L9

"The Summer Art Camp" info is under "Camps".  It begins July 24 to 28 incl.

Individual instruction means students may register at any time year round during courses.

Adults- Start dates below

Thurs, 10-12 Noon - $100 for 6 wks- ongoing


Sat, 2-4 pm -$90 for 6 wks - ongoing



Sat, 10-Noon - $100 for 6 wks.- ongoing 

Private Art Classes

Please phone 333-6237 to make arrangements.


Adults:  Fee is $200 for six weeks.

Children: Fee is $180 for six weeks.

Teenagers:  Fee is $200 for six weeks

Seniors (Trinity Treasures Art Club)


Tuesday, 10 am-12 Noon - Open to all seniors (part of Senior Outreach) is uptown at Trinity Anglican Church,  Charlotte St., Saint John, NB.  To register or for further details, please contact Constance at 333-6237.

Workshops - On another page under Services