Constance Wooldridge

A Lifetime of Art!

  • Designed and painted artwork for clients’ personal and business use (e.g. Red Rose Building and Federal Dept of Public Works)
  • Interviewed customers to understand their needs and desired outcomes
  • Instructed art to students who are adults, seniors, children and teenagers, and also those with special needs.


         Constance Wooldridge

Lifelong Artist,  Experienced Instructor, Mentor

 "Loving Art is loving Life."

Constance Wooldridge is a native New Brunswicker and Canadian who has been creating artwork all her life.  Constance creates art and teaches visual art using various media, including oil, watercolour, acrylic, encaustics, gouache, pastel and conte, as well as charcoal and pencil.

She currently teaches at her Sienna Arts Studio, Trinity Treasures (as part of a Seniors Outreach) and before that at the Saint John Arts Centre, an Outreach to Schools (through the SJAC) and the Joshua Group.  In addition, since Constance is a past Area Governor for Toastmasters International, she is often asked to be a guest speaker for various art organizations.

Her art styles vary from a spontaneous “painterly” style or a"high-realistic" style in oils or acrylics to colorful pastels, light-filled watercolors, detailed drawings and encaustic wax paintings. 

Constance has studied with Brigitte Griffith (formerly of Denmark, and an Honours Graduate of McGill University, of both Fine Arts and teaching Fine Arts), Margot Cormier-Splane (silkscreen prints), Noreen Carr, Bob Percival, Ray Butler, and Cathy Ross (printmaking).  She is also a lifetime member of the Saint John Art Club, of which she is a Past Gallery Manager and Past President.

Constance's award-winning work has been exhibited and sold at both local and out-of-province galleries, and exhibition centres in the Canadian Provinces, United States and Europe.