Constance Wooldridge                                                 Soul-seeking Artist, Phenomenal Instructor, Mentor & Loving Mom

Group Classes, Private Instruction and Camps

Group ClassesSmall classes with one-on-one instruction so students

                           may begin classes at any time depending on availability.

                           Fee for six weeks to be paid on or before first day of course.


                           Early registration to reserve spot in class is preferred.


                                To register or for more information:

                                1.  "Contact" at top of this page.

                                2.  Email:

                                3.  Phone:  506-333-6237 (M) or 506-696-3790 (M)

Drawing - still life, portraiture, landscapes, life drawing, perspective, light,                             shading, and more

Medium - pencil, charcoal, coloured pencil, pastel, conte, watercolour, acrylic,                         gouache, clay, encaustic wax, or medium of choice, and more                           

ChildrenSat. 2-4 pm or Wed. 6-8 pm - Fee of $90

TeenagersSat. 10 am - Noon - Fee of $100

Adults- Thurs. - 10 am - Noon or Tues. - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Fee of $100

Trinity Treasures - This is group of seniors(both men and women), who, as part of

                                  a Senior Outreach Program at Trinity Anglican Church,

                                  115 Charlotte St., Saint John, NB, meet there for acrylic

                                  painting classes on Tuesday, 10 am to noon. 


                                 Those interested may register with Beth Lawson, Parish Nurse, at

                                 Trinity Anglican Church at 693-8558.

Private Instruction- May be arranged by contacting Constance.

Encaustic Wax Workshops:

Scheduled for a date each mid-month.  For exact date and time, please contact Constance at Sienna Arts at 506-333-6237.

Duration:  3 hours

Tools and Supplies:  Provided unless student has his/her own.

Fee:  Per person  - $100 plus $25 if student does not have own tools and supplies

Other Workshops

Scheduled on an individual basis and time permitting.