Constance Wooldridge                                                 Lifelong Artist,  Experienced Instructor, Mentor

Encaustic Wax Workshops are scheduled for a date each mid-month.

For exact date, please contact Constance at Sienna Arts at 333-6237 or constancelovesart@gmail.com.

Duration:  3 hours       Tools and Supplies:  Provided unless student has his/her own.

Fee:  Per person  - $100 plus $25 if student does not have own tools and supplies

Other Workshops are scheduled on an individual basis and time permitting.



Encaustic comes from a Greek word and means:  to burn into, to expose to the fire.  The technique of painting with molten beeswax was developed more than 3000 years ago!  In the old days, people decorated war ships, marble statues and walls of tombs with wax paintings.

Encaustic Painting used to be a difficult technique and, because of this, this beautiful art was lost for hundreds of years.  Not long ago, artists around the world started to paint with wax again, after discovering old mummy portraits done in Encaustic in Italy and Egypt.  As nobody knew exactly how the artists in the old days painted, many new ways of painting with wax emerged.

We need a heat source to melt the coloured waxes to be able to paint with them.  Three thousand years ago, the artist had to make a charcoal fire and keep it at the exact right temperature for painting, so that was very difficult.  He had to make his own coloured waxes too.

Nowadays, painting with wax is much easier – we can use special electric tools, like the painting iron or the stylus (a heated brush or pen) and ready-made coloured waxes.

All necessary supplies can be obtained from Constance Wooldridge at Sienna Arts.

As you will see, Encaustic Art is great fun!  It’s easy to start, but hard to stop.  The Arts Encaustic waxes come in beautiful colours and it is exciting to see what happens if you move your iron through the wax and even just by lifting it.  You can keep changing your picture until you are happy with it and then you can polish it with a soft cloth to give it a wonderful shine.

Indulge yourself in a few relaxing hours!

Come to learn a new skill and create

some wonderful pieces of art!